March Compilation

Here we are at the beginning of a new month, and so as is my plan, I am presenting last month’s color compilation.

Clearly I haven’t concocted a color for each day this month. (Only 15? I’m such a slacker!)   Oh well.  Here’s what I did come up with during the month of March…


Pink Berry – Color A Day #63

Today’s color is Pink Berry.  Pink, with a touch of purple to keep it from being sickeningly sweet.

Lavender Dream – Color A Day #62

I like the lavender/purple in this little mixed media piece I painted awhile ago.  It just feels like it’s supposed to be the color today.  Why?  I dunno.  Just feels right.  Lavender is such a dreamy color.  Fresh and young…perfect for spring.  Dream on.

Lavender Dream – Color A Day #62



Juicy Plum – Color A Day #61

I love a good, juicy plum.  Especially one that’s shaped like a heart.  My son devoured this one…juice dribbling down his chin.  Delicious.

Color A Day #61 – Juicy Plum

Koi – Color A Day #60

Sometimes I wish I had a pond.  I would fill it with koi and water lilies.

Color A Day #60 is…Koi.

A Nice Soft Yellow – Color A Day #59

Lily in the fountain, Mission San Juan Capistrano

No spark of inspiration today.  And I haven’t posted a color in a day or two, so I’m feeling the self-imposed pressure to come up with something.  As I think about it, I don’t often choose yellow for the Color A Day.  Why?  Hmmm.   I guess it’s just not a color I am drawn to.  But this is a lovely image, and a nice soft yellow.  And I’ve got nothing else….so this soft yellow will have to do for today.

Robin’s Egg Blue – Color A Day #58

Today’s color is Robin’s Egg Blue.  One of nature‘s loveliest colors, I think.

The first (of many) nests on furniture that I've painted and sold.

I’ve painted many a bird nest over the years…probably hundreds of them…on a variety of furniture pieces, stools, walls, and canvas.

In spite of the nest painting overload, they are still one of my favorite subjects.

Color A Day #58 – Robin’s Egg Blue




Leprechaun – Color A Day #57

It’s St. Paddy’s day.  So what choice is there?  Today’s color is Leprechaun.

Do you see the little green man?

Orchid White – Color A Day #56

Today’s color is Orchid White.  It’s inspired by the lovely orchid presently growing in my kitchen window.  For some reason, orchids seem to thrive in this spot,  apparently appreciating the morning light and close proximity to the sink.  Orchids are fascinating things.  Full of curious designs, and interesting colors.

Years ago I visited a beautiful orchid garden in Cuba, the “Orquideario de Soroa”, near Havana.  Lush gardens cover this huge park, located in the Sierra del Rosario, a world biosphere reserve.  The Orquideario features over 20,000 orchid plants.  It is well worth visiting if you are ever lucky enough to visit Cuba.  It is a gorgeous spot, and this article published in the Havana Journal says it well:

el orquideario

el orquideario (Photo credit: vladimix)

English: Landscape of Pinar del Rio province, ...

Image via Wikipedia

Magic Hour Blue – Color A Day #55

My favorite time of day.   Just after sunset, from the deck of a boat.  The magic hour.   I love the color of the cloudy sky…light blue and gray, touched with pink/orange glow.   Breathtaking.

Color A Day #55 – Magic-Hour Blue



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